Terms & Conditions:The Property: This contract is an agreement for clearing of snow from a Commercial lane way. Any other part of the property changes the agreement and must be agreed to in writing.Our “season” is defined as follows: November 1 2014 to March 31 2015 . Our terms are: C.O.D or credit card reservation at time of booking.MAXIMUMS: There is no cap or maximum snow fall limit. Our contract is for the period beginning November 1st and ending on March 31 @ Midnight, of the following year or current winter season.MINIMUMS: Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, our trucks and shovelers will plow fallen snow on your laneway only if accumulation exceeds 2 inches in depth. Our company is not responsible for snow left behind by city plows or any other company but will monitored and clear if agreed upon or included in chosen package . We are only responsible for natural fallen snow accumulation. Plowing of less than the minimum accumulation requested by client will result in being billed $100 for the service call for most properties.TIME GUARANTEE: In an effort to offer a timeline guarantee we guarantee to clear all snow within 3 hours of a snow fall and by 7am fpr overnight snow fall, but will aim to clear within 3 hours after snow fall as well. You agree that with extreme storms consisting of 20+cm with reduced driving visibility or equipment failure and accidents may cause further delays in snow removal.BILLING: For clients on a pre-approved billing system the seasonal rate is broken up into a maximum of THREE (3) payments calculated by PropertyNerdz Canada & Graham Services Inc.. The first check is due upon acceptance of the contract. Payments must be received by the Due date or a $35 late charge will apply. Any NSF or cancelled Payments will be subject to a $50 NSF administration fee. Goliath Property Services reserves the right to refuse checks after an issue with payment has occurred. Cash/Money Order/Certified Checks will be the only acceptable methods of payment after a payment issue has occurred.TERMINATION: Both PropertyNerdz Canada & Graham Services Inc. and the client hold the right to cancel this agreement at any time with written notice. A $350 cancelation fee applies to all accounts terminated after initial service has been rendered or if there service balance is greater than balance which is greater.. All canceled accounts will be billed on a per clear basis. For clients that pre payed on a billing system your service will continue until the current payment period ends. Legal action will be taken on all dilinquent and unpaid accounts at the exspence of the client.FRAUD: Any attempt to deceive the public or any of reliance property services employee will be considered fraud. Any false statements against Goliath property services will be considered fraud. False statements and false reviews both off and online will be consider fraud.PropertyNerdz Canada & Graham Services Inc. holds the right to seek restatution no lower than 5000 cad for any attempts of fraud against Goliath property services TRANSACTIONS: All transactions through paypal, credit card and cheques abide by the rules and conditions of this agreement. All debit, email money transfers and direct deposits abide the rules and conditions of this agreement SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: For safety reasons, PropertyNerdz Canada & Graham Services Inc. Trucks will not approach any closer than 5 inches from buildings, vehicles, garage with plows doors, hard landscaping, etc., with snow removal equipment. PropertyNerdz Canada & Graham Services Inc. reserves the right to refuse to provide services due to inaccessibility to the Client’s property. PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY: While Goliath Property Services endeavors to take extremely diligent precautions to preserve & protect your landscape & property, we are unable to take any responsibility for any damages caused by any of the following:1. General debris, loose paving materials, gravel or ice being struck, lifted and displaced by snow removal equipment.2. Protrusions or any objects hidden by snow accumulation being struck by snow removal equipment including but not limited to: sod, raised beds,plant material, interlock pavers, curbing, fencing, fixtures, lawn ornaments, retaining walls, etc…3. Any damage whatsoever from snow removal equipment coming in contact with interlock, flagstone, cobblestone or any other type of alternative paving surface.GENERAL LIABILITY PropertyNerdz Canada & Graham Services Inc. holds 5 million in liability for all incidents related to the execution of servicing your property. Any liability on the part of Goliath Property Services or its subcontractors shall be limited only to any damage to the Client’s property or persons on the Client’s property at the time of the incident, and shall be further limited to only those losses or damages suffered by the Client, or persons on the Client’s property,as a direct result of the negligent actions of any authorized PropertyNerdz Canada & Graham Services Inc. employees or subcontractors providing services on the Client’s property.Modification or termination of this contract for JUST CAUSE can be performed by PropertyNerdz Canada & Graham Services Inc. at its sole discretion of.Goliath Property Services Goliath Property Services , its owners, employees, agents & subcontractors shall not be held liable for any losses suffered by the Client, or other persons on the Client’s property,for any reason or as a result of any of the following: advice, suggestions or consultation given; changes in or the severity of weather or climatic conditions; frost damage; or interference by non-Goliath Property Services employees, agents & subcontractors, with services provided by Goliath Property Services Furthermore, Goliath Property Services , its owners, employees, agents & subcontractors shall not be held liable for any losses suffered by the Client, or other persons on the Client’s property, for any of the following reasons: inconvenience, personal discomfort; temporary loss of use or enjoyment of the property or income loss experienced as a result of the Client’s decision to hire Goliath Property Services .


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